Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative Divorce is a better way to divorce. The Collaborative Divorce process involves not only the attorneys for each client but a also financial expert and divorce coaches. The attorneys help the clients to understand California law, while the financial expert helps the clients to find financial solutions that will benefit both parties. Divorce Coaches are mental health professionals whose role is to help their client to manage the emotional aspects of the divorce and are experts in helping their client to hear what the other side is saying and to help their client be heard in expressing their needs and concerns. I serve as a divorce coach in Collaborative Divorce cases (as well as litigation and mediation cases). I am also a “co-parent counselor” to help write up parenting plans for divorcing couples and have served as a “child specialist”  in both Mediation and Collaborative Divorce cases.

Collaborative Divorce Consultation

Meet with me — together with your spouse — to decide if the Collaborative Divorce team approach, Mediation, or the more costly and time-consuming route of litigation is the best option for you. I can help you both make the best decision for you and your family!